Take advantage of our vast experience with Knack

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mobile apps

Connect Knack database with an iOS or Android app. Hybrid or native development.

From $5,000

Web apps

Custom made database and interface 100% in Knack.

From $3,000



Backapps FINAL.png

Periodic Backups made easy

Choose the application and the objects that you need to safeguard, and automate the frequency with which the backups are generated.

Open a free account at http://backapps.io 


Automated Logout

Logout user from its open session if no action is taken after a number of minutes. 

From $50 - Free code! 

Last Login & Login History

A login history object is added to your database. A user’s login record will also show the last time they logged into the system.

From $250



Charts with Charts.JS

Visually attractive, open-source charts. We customise it with data from different objects.

From $500

Captcha box

Implement captcha in login pages. 

From $100



Checkboxes in tables

Multi-select rows on a table to perform specific actions.

From $200

Custom dynamic tables

Generate a table with custom calculations and data from multiple objects.

From $300

Custom dynamic dropdowns

Taylormade drop down controls which can change it’s content depending on other controls within the same page.

From $150 

Frozen table headers

Freeze the table header, so that you can scroll down the data and have the header alway visible

From $100

Automatic form population

Populate a form field automatically from either a connected object in your database, or another database entirely via API call.

From $200

Hide/Show fields depending on the logged-in user role

API Integration

WebMerge / Reporting Cloud

Generate professional looking PDF just the way you like them.

From $250


Connect to any services such as Drive,  Docs, Spreadsheets, Google Maps, Google Charts.

From $300


Connect your app with the powerful AWS cloud infrastructure and use services such as S3, and EC2.

From $400


We can connect Knack to most APIs available. Just let us know which one you need.

From $500


Custom behaviour

Upon insert, delete or update a record, or on a page or view render.

From $200

Batch updates

Perform updates on multiple objects upon an action.

From $250




Custom emails

With special format and attachments.

From $300